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Living in the Northwest comes with many enjoyable adventures, gutter cleaning shouldn't be one of them. Cleaning of your roof, rain gutters and downspouts is a critical part of prudent and essential seasonal maintenance. Our service allows the entire gutter system to function and achieve its maximum potential and life expectancy. PROCLEAN make sure all loose debris is removed from both flat and sloped roof areas, and that all gutters are cleaned by hand and depending on the weather, air blown with a leaf blower*. Each downspout is checked thoroughly to ensure that from the roof to ground level water can flow properly. The gutters and grounds are left clean and any debris is taken off-site or dumped in the yard waste.


At 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. it is our goal to offer every customer excellent service, that never compromises attention to detail. We are constantly reviewing our customers’ needs to offer additional services, while researching to improve our existing portfolio.


Roof maintenance, including applying a moss treatment, can be done at the same time. Visit our Roof Care page for more info




Should I invest in a gutter guard?


That's a tricky question. The answer is it depends. (but we think it's always no)


At 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. we have years of experience services all types of gutter systems. Upon a careful inspection of your home we may recommend to have something installed. Many of the so called "maintenance free" gutters aren't necessarily maintenance free. Accumlated debris on the roof as well as the potential for moss growth still requires that the roof be maintained to keep the gutters operational. We have found customers paying $5k-$20k to have their gutters replaced with a new system. With our value pricing you could hire us for the next 50-100 years. Do you think it's worth it?


If your gutters are in need of a "guard" we found the best value is a newer product called GutterStuff®. It is an easy, custom fit gutter filter that is both affordable and invisible and eliminates clogged gutters. GutterStuff®  seals out leaves and allows large volumes of water to flow through quickly. No other gutter cover, screen or guard system works as effectively or as economically to keep debris from entering your roof gutters. GutterStuff® is made from durable polyether outdoor foam that is lightweight and will not dent, bend, crumble, or lose its shape. - See more at: or


Do you offer a guarantee?


To ensure you have a peace of mind with the quality of our work, 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. offers a 90 day warranty. If your gutters clog within three months of our cleaning of your gutters we will come and fix the clog at no cost.


Depending on your surrounding landscape, your gutters should be maintained semi or annually each year. If you have deciduous or coniferous trees with branches that overhang on your rooftop, your gutters need to be cleaned as often as once or twice a year. Due to new mapping technology, send 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. your address with your request, and we will respond with an estimate just for your home.


When is the best time of year to clean gutters?


That is one of our favorite questions! We love to clean gutters so no time is a bad time. The correct answer is when they cause a problem with water management. Remember gutters aren't installed to collect debris, they are installed to direct the flow of water! Chances are most people forget they have gutters so they call when they have an overflow problem, this tends to be around October when it starts raining again. However proper planning can guarantee you don't have a problem when the rain comes. We recommend you set an appointment in August-September or February-March to make sure the gutters are ready for all the rain.