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Pressure washing is the most effective and thorough way to clean concrete and asphalt surfaces. Pressure washing of concrete is necessary for removal of grease and gum from the surface.


2 NICE GUYS, Inc. can renew your driveway, sidewalk, storefront entryways, parking lot, patio or any other flat surface you may have.


Why hire a professional?


Do-it-yourself pressure washing may sound like fun, but it is time consuming, tedious, and often leads to damage from unskilled use. Our courteous, professional, trained teams we give you incredible results with maximum efficiency.

What tools do you use?


2 NICE GUYS, Inc. uses an industrial, impressive, power washer with all the bells and whistles, such as a 24” surface cleaner and an industrial rotary nozzle to ramp up its power so that it cuts through the toughest stuff. Unless absolutely necessary no chemicals are needed to make your surface sparkle.


For curb appeal, 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. recommends pressure washing your driveway and porches annually. 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. understands the important to use controlled pressure when power washing, some surfaces are more delicate then others and require special care, or controlled pressure to prevent unnecessary damage.

Mold, Moss & Mildew


Mildew is a common problem in our area due to climatic conditions such a cloudy dark winters and extreme moisture. Airborne mold and fungus spores can produce harmful deposits. 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. uses the proper equipment to remove dirt build-up and environmentally related pollutants. 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. will incorporate all essential procedures to protect your lawn, plants, trees and water features during the cleaning process.


Painted Surfaces


At 2 NICE GUYS, Inc.we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service, the highest quality workmanship and an un-matched level of customer service. We adhere to strict guidelines and the highest industry standards. Pressure washing stained and painted surfaces require a special attention to detail. Pressure washing these surfaces will remove mildew, moss and dirt, but may also expose chipped paint. We hold no responsibility for aged coatings and you should be prepared to re-stain or paint after pressure washing