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Welcome to the Northwest! Many of our out-state-customers have commented on how green it is, followed quickly with, "What's up with the moss?"  With the dark, cloudy, and wet winters moss quickly grows on rooftops, particularly on the north side. It is crucial that you remove the moss from your roof before the roof  is damaged. It's best to take care of a moss problem early, as moss is a living fungus that will feed off the composition shingle and break it down.


Your house is most likely your biggest investment and your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home. A roof treatment is the best preventative care for your roof and will extend it is life with the least amount of expense, but if you don't have the patience or the moss already looks like a garden we recommend brush and treat as the next best option. Below are three options we use to control the growth of moss.

Blow & Treat.


To prep the roof for a moss treatment . 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. will air-blow the roof with a leaf blower. While this option may get rid of old dead moss, it is designed primarily for loose debris. It is definitely easiest on your roof and budget.


We generally recommend doing this annually or every other year, and is usually priced comparably to a gutter clean.


Please note: If you want us to remove any moss, this is not the option for you. The treatment will kill the moss, and will take 2-3 weeks to show signs of death and 6 months to a year for it to turn black.


Brush & Treat.


The is 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. preferred option. We feel it is the best value, will provide immediate results.


The process is simple. Loosen the moss with a brush. Then we air-blow and treat the roof just like in the first option (moss treatment). Any moss left behind (there will be some), will quickly die. Though this won’t leave the roof quite as clean as pressure washing, it is often a very close second, requires no water, is less expensive and causes less wear and tear to the roof.


We recommend this roof on composition roofs.

Wash & Treat.


To get your roof looking as new as possible, a roof wash may be the way to go. 2 NICE GUYS, Inc. begins the process with an outdoor cleaner to loosen the moss and wash the whole roof with a low-pressure, high-volume pressure-washer. After clearing out the gutters and downspouts (again), we rinse any debris that might have splashed onto your siding, clean up the ground, and treat the roof to prevent moss from growing right back.


This causes more wear and tear then we feel is necessary and is only recommended on certain roofs.