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Why Should I Clean My Windows?


In a continuing effort to maintain our homes, we often tend to overlook our windows. At PROCLEAN Windows, we believe that regular cleaning of the windows, sills, tracks, and screens prolongs the life of your windows. It also contributes to the beauty of your home and helps keep the neighborhood looking first-rate. When you receive an estimate for window cleaning the following item are included:










Because of allergies, it is often necessary to keep your windows closed, thus eliminating the need for screens. Having screens makes it necessary for rain water to pass through, before coming into contact with the windows. This increases the chance of spotting the newly cleaned glass. Additionally, debris between your screens and windows can create water build up on the sills, allowing the possibility of mold and dry rot damage to your home.


Removing the screens is aesthetically pleasing, presenting supreme curb appeal. If you don’t use the screens, take them out.


*If your screens require an aggressive and in-depth cleaning there may be an additional charge.

How will They Be Cleaned?


2 NICE GUYS, Inc. Windows staff will enter your home wearing shoe coverings to protect your floors and carpeting. We will carefully remove your furniture and any items that hinder access to the windows. We remove the delicate mullions and raise the window to release the screens. Our experienced staff will clean your glass with state-of-the-art Ettore™ Products. Ettore™ repels dirt and water spots longer than any other product on the market. We use lint free fabrics to make sure your windows are protected as well as free from any fibers that regular cloths and paper towels leave behind. Once the glass and screens are cleaned, we wipe down the box, tracks and sills, and your furniture is meticulously returned to its original position. At 2 NICE GUYS, Inc., we pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency – ALL WORK IS 100% GUARANTEED.

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?


2 NICE GUYS, Inc. Windows believes this is a matter of preference. As a guideline, we offer the following maintenance schedules:


2 NICE GUYS, Inc.Extended Maintenance – for those that desire the cleanest windows for all occasions. The windows will be cleaned seasonally, in addition to any necessary touch-ups before special occasions.


2 NICE GUYS, Inc. Biannual Maintenance – Ensures your windows will be virtually spotless all of the time.


2 NICE GUYS, Inc. Annual Maintenance – Guarantees the essential maintenance of your home, including the cleaning of your sills, tracks and screens.